patriotic theme cigar box label

Patriotic, Military and Political Themes make up a large cross-section of the cigar label collectable market.  Not only are they considered to be 'cross over' Themes that are coveted by other memorabilia collectors but many of these images are 'multi themed' as well.  For instance, though Lady Liberty may be wearing a Red Cap and is the central figure in the image, there may be several commerce symbols surrounding her.  Some of the labels in this group may have a simple Patriotic icon, e.g. an Eagle, with no other symbols represented - yet it would still be considered a Patriotic image.  I have broken down this theme into 4 groups with over 100 images for your viewing pleasure.  Enjoy!

Side Note: I wrote an article on "Symbolism Within the Image".  If you would like to learn more about Patriotic & Commerce symbols...Click Here



Uncle Sam

Red Cap