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Welcome to my Passion!

I have been a cigar label junkie since 1972 and show no signs of being able to kick the habit.  My first cigar label was purchased at a swap meet held at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California.  I have been hooked ever since.  As part of my self-imposed therapy, I felt compelled to share the beauty of these wonderful works of art in miniature.

Please roam thru my family safe site and see for yourself how you too can get hooked on these sometimes beautiful, sometimes funny, sometimes historical, sometimes politically incorrect and sometimes provocative little pieces of paper (ephemera) that went on of all things - cigar boxes.

So that you can better understand the 'why and what for' of cigar labels, there are links to the History of cigar labels, Articles that I have written about cigar labels, the various Label Themes, the Label Parts that reside on a box of cigars, the Featured Label, News about paper shows across the country and cigar label Puzzles.

Have fun and remember this site is Very Graphic Intensive -
Please be Patient.

Oh...Please don't forget to sign my Guest Book!

May You and Your Collection Prosper!

*This site is continuously evolving - y'all come back again soon*
**Many of the labels have been cropped to speed up download time**
***This site is best viewed using a T-1 Line and a really big monitor...Ha!!!***

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