"High Toned"

High Toned inner cigar box label

Usual description for this label: "Bust of distinguished gentleman, with glasses."

As I was blitzing through some of the cigar label auctions on eBay one night, I ran across a trimmed scrapbook label that looked familiar.  After closer inspection I realized it was an earlier version of the George Schlegel label "High Toned".  This label put a name to the dude: Bronson Howard.  How cool is that!

LFD Bronson Howard cigar label
(Bronson Crocker Howard)

Bronson Crocker Howard * American journalist, author of successful comedies and dramas about life in the United States * 1842-1908

A pioneer in the field of contemporary drama, his plays were the first to reflect life in the United States and are important to the development of American drama.  He was a newspaper reporter for many years in New York until the success of his first play, Saratoga, a farcical (absurd) comedy produced in 1870.  He wrote 12 subsequent plays, including Young Mrs. Winthrop (1882), one of the first American dramas of social criticism; The Henrietta (1887), a satire on business practice; and by far his most popular play, Shenandoah (1888), a Civil War drama, at first unsuccessfully produced but revived the following year with great success.

Bronson Howard_pic

Bronson was the first author in America to actually earn his living solely as a playwright.   He was the founder/president of the first society for playwrights in the United States.

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