cigar label puzzles

Cigar Label Puzzles

This is really fun!
I have created 8 Cigar Label puzzles for you to put together.

Place your Mouse Pointer over the puzzle piece you would like to move...Left Click your mouse and HOLD it down while you move the puzzle piece.  When you find the location you think that piece belongs... release your mouse button.  If it is close to the correct will automatically lock into place.  If not, continue moving the pieces around until you find the correct locations.  Build the puzzle within the green area. Upon completion of each puzzle, you will have options to play that puzzle again or move on to the next puzzle.

Click the GO link to start with puzzle #1...Have Fun and Good Luck!

Your browser MUST BE * JAVA ENABLED * to play the game.
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SIDE NOTE: There will probably be a 10 to 20 second delay while the puzzles load the FIRST time...
unless you have DSL or Higher.

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