"Royal Blue"

Royal Blue inner cigar box label
(rare inner label)

"Royal Blue" - This is a really nice military/patriotic label depicting several heros of the Spanish/American War. The gentleman standing is Admiral Dewey and seated are Lt. Hobson, Admiral Schley and Generals: Shafter and Miles.

Admiral Dewey was commander of the Asiatic Squadron that defeated the Spanish fleet at the Battle of Manila, Philippines on May 1, 1898.

Admiral Schley, though not actually in command of the fleet blockading Cuba, was in charge at the time the Spanish fleet decided to make their escape.  Adm. Schley is given credit for sinking the Spanish ships at Santiago de Cuba in July of 1898.

General Miles, hero of the Indian Wars, was in command of the army that landed at Ponce, Porto Rico in July and August of 1898.

General Shafter was commander of the 5th Army Corps and commander of the Cuban land operation in July and August of 1898. Serving under his command were the regular and volunteer units including the Rough Riders.

Lt. Hobson was one of those regular soldiers that sometimes becomes national hero's because of their feats of heroism.  Someone in command had the bright idea to scuttle the Merimac (not the Civil War Merimac) a small vessel that was anchored at the entrance to the harbor of Santiago de Cuba.  Lt. Hobson got the command and took very heavy fire from the Spanish, resulting in many casualties.  He did manage to sink the ship but was captured and held as a prisoner of war for a short time.  He become a National hero as a result of his heroism.

We are very fortunate that Si Bass loaned us his very rare inner of 'Royal Blue' for our viewing pleasure.  Most of us are more familiar with the 2 versions of the outer usually referred to as "Royal Blue" w/flags and w/out flags. Certainly not common outer labels but not as rare as the inner. The Royal Blue w/flags is usually several dollars more than the w/out flags outer.

Royal Blue outers cigar box label

Thanks to Fred Wardinsky for taking the time to share his knowledge about the Spanish/American War and the Id's.

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