"The Barrister"

the barrister cigar box label

"The Barrister" - is Benjamin Disraeli: Prime Minister of England & Novelist (1804-1881) Originally B. D'Israeli (of Israel) was born in England to Jewish parents. His father never Bar Mitzvah'd Ben because he could have never held any type of public office as a Jew. He became Prime Minister of England in 1868 and was leader of the Conservative Party in the House of Commons for 50 years. As far as being a Barrister: he never practiced law. In fact he never finished law school. He was however a successful novelist and wrote 12 books (mostly fiction) before and during his political career.

The Label: Circa 1920 - bust of Benjamin Disraeli, w/inset of the House of Commons and Disraeli at work in the House of Commons. Great colors and the label is embossed. Consolidated Litho out of Brooklyn, NY is the lithographer.

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