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As most of you know putting together a web site, especially one this large that encompass' so much, becomes a labor of love (because there ain't nobody paying you for it...).

This was my first site as a web designer and a lot of friends and people who became friends helped out a struggling newbie.  Help came from web development tips, friends loaning me their prized labels to scan and from all of those unaware people who's images I stole, errrr, borrowed off eBay.  Heck, some people just gave a kind word of support at critical times during the birth of this monster.  And to the people who have supplied information for all of the articles I have written on cigar label art...THANK YOU!

If I forgot someone, please let me know.  It certainly wasn't by design.  Ok, here goes...not in any particular order.

Judy Hill, Ed Barnes, Sid Emerson, Jane Coffman, Rob Eisman, Rodger Lowenstein, Major Si Bass, Mark Trout, Andre Prenger, Allen Johnson, Bob Frutiger, Bud Swearer, Cliff Graham, Debbie & Billy Ray Lawhorne, Doug Stodtbeck, Etienne Wilmots, Fred Robinson, Gerard van Eijk, Greg Selgestad, Hava & Brian Getz, Jake Rosenfield, James Butler, Jon Adams, Ken Nichols, Kirk Harris, Marilyn Long, Nancy Boyer, Nick Buzolich, Patrick Stevaert, Paul Camp, Ray Parden, David Beach, Rob Bonadeo, Scott Martin, Steven Gilbert, Terry Celano, Tony Hyman, Wayne Dunn, Amir Saarony, Jordan Good, Tommy Woodfin, Katherine Baluta, David Freiburg, Al Katona, Jerry Striker, Jerry Kalayjian and my beautiful wife...Marilyn.

Thank You!

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