Forward: Label Themes

There are a few major Theme and many Sub Theme categories.  I have covered both on the Label Theme page and then some.  The most difficult task in building the Theme page was choosing which images would best represent each Theme.  Since there are hundreds of examples in many of the Themes categories the tendency is to choose the rarest, coolest label available.  Though many of the labels that made it to the Theme page are scarce/rare, I felt it would be an injustice to the newbie collector if the more affordable labels were not represented as well.

Many of the labels I used are considered 'multi-themed' images.  For instance,

Star Union cigar label
"Star Union" could be listed in Trains, Nautical, Patriotic, Women, Nudes or Commerce Themes.  My label placement and descriptions are highly subjective as with any type of art.  I see it one way and you see it a another and neither of us are incorrect in how we perceive the art.  When you get your own cigar label art site, you can describe and place the labels your way...Ha!

Oh, in some of the label descriptions you will see a 'green' word that is underlined - that is a link to another image - just click on it one time and it will take you there.

I hope you will enjoy the imagery as much as I have presenting it to you.

Have fun!

Note: many of the images have been cropped to speed up loading time.



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