fraternal theme cigar box label


This was by far the most fascinating, yet confusing, historical and most difficult Theme to create.  I have been researching information and gathering images for over 4 years and feel confident (well...almost) that I haven't made a total fool of myself.  I will preface all of my statements by saying: "I do not belong to any Fraternal or Secret Societies" (unless you consider The Director's Guild of America or The Magic Castle in Hollywood - a Fraternal or Secret Society).  Therefore, all of the text and the image Id's are based strictly on my research, surfing over 100 sites, and of course, talking to many individuals whom belong to Fraternal Orders.

The most exciting parts of this process have been the identification of several heretofore 'Untitled' labels as well as deciphering the initials and/or symbols on various images.   I believe even the most advanced Cigar Label Art collectors will find a few surprises in this Theme.

Originally I had grouped all of the Fraternal images into one large category.  When I actually started to piece together this Theme, I realized there were far more Masonic and Masonic related images than non Masonic, so I created separate groups.  By doing this I left open the possibility that I might mistakenly put a Masonic image in the non Masonic group or vice versa.

Please, if you have any information to add or to correct...let me know. Other than the Library of Congress, you will not be able to enjoy this many Fraternal images in one place.

I would like to 'Thank' all of you who have allowed me to use your images and have taken the time to respond to my cryptic E-mails...Enjoy!

Fraternal & Secret Orders

Masonic & Related Orders