cuban theme cigar label

The oldest label in my collection is Cuban.  "Real" (above) is circa late 1850's.   I am fortunate to be able to share with you several images from 1850-1870.  They range from 'Woodcut', 'Steel Engraving' and very early attempts of 'Colorized Stone Lithography'.  Of course there is the old style black & white or brown and white, some crayon lithography, embossed labels that started in the 1890's and the more modern 4 color mechanical printing from the 20's on.

In the 20's the Cuban's would occasionally print a small image with a large white border.  By using the same label for their various box sizes they saved a lot of time and expense.  They would just lop off as much of the border needed to fit each box.  If you would like to see an example of this style Click Here .

To see more detail of the "Real" label Click Here .


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