Tom Mix inner cigar label

These labels were produced in Europe for the U.S. market.

This set includes the Inner, Outer and Seal.

The Outers corners show a little wear.

Tom Mix outer cigar box label

I wrote an article about this label.  If your interested, this is an excerpt:
"Tom Mix" - Thomas Edwin Mix - Famous Cowboy Actor (1880-1940) Tom was born in Mix Run, Pa. He had been a champion rodeo rider, a soldier and a cowboy in Oklahoma before he began to make short Western movies in 1909. Although Hollywood was in its early days some things are timeless. A studio publicist not satisfied with Tom's real past would later invent an even more glamorous background - fighting in the Spanish-American War, service with the Texas Rangers and other such mythical feats. He signed a very lucrative contract with William Fox in 1918 and went on to star in more than 400 low-budget silent Westerns along with his horse Tony (can't forget that). He became very rich, extremely famous and was married five times. Tom usually dressed in a white suit, black boots and 10 gallon hat. He retired from the movie industry in 1928 coincidently with the advent of the Talkies (although he did make one Talkie right before his death). There was also a 15 minute daily radio show about Tom Mix "Enemy of all that was Bad in the Old West". In the late 1930's he toured with the "Tom Mix Circus". Tom lived very lavishly not only in the U.S. but in Europe as well where he became known as the "Ambassador of Hollywood". He died as the result of an automobile accident near Florence, Arizona. Tom Mix is in the Cowboy Hall of Fame.