stock cigar box label

(typical size Inner 6" x  9" - Outer 4" x  4")

This type of label has no brand/title and was typically found in storage rooms of the old Litho Companies.  A stock label (Inner, Outer, etc.) could be printed with a custom brand name at a later date.  By doing labels in this fashion the lithographer would save money and be able to provide a larger choice of designs to prospective clients.

If the example above was sold to a cigar company and then branded, this label would then be referred to as 'Untitled'.  Actually it really is still a Stock label (because there is 'no brand') but now we know it went into production, so we refer to the non-branded image as 'Untitled name'. This will become more clear when you read the 'Untitled' least I hope it does...Ha!

Oh, one more thing...the above image may have gone into production but was never found in the old factories with a brand name or you may have this image with a brand name in your collection and no one else does...if it is the latter, please let me know becuase I am tired of calling this image 'Stock_Smoking Spanish Gent, w/Gold Coins & Moro Bay Inset'.

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