Forward: Label Types and Placement

There are several types and sizes of labels that adorn a cigar box.  The Inner label normally is the most valuable label on the box (or not on the box) - many Outer labels are quite valuable and in a few cases more valuable than the Inner.  There are many instances where only one or the other of these two types of labels was found.

As a collector you would want to acquire both of these types of labels (Inner & Outer) when available - if you were lucky enough to come across a Top Sheet/Floating Flap, Box Edging, Seals, End labels, Warning labels or any Flaps that went with the title, they would make your set even more valuable.

As you go through the Label Types on the Main page you will gain a better understanding of where these labels were placed on the box and what these labels were originally used for.  Below is an example of a set of labels to give you a little perspective of a typical size range.

sir godfrey inner cigar box label
(Inner 6x9)
sir godfrey top sheet cigar box label
(Top Sheet/Floating Flap 5x8)

sir godfrey outer cigar box label
(Outer 4x4)
sir godfrey top tag cigar box label
(Top Tag 4x3)
sir godfrey nail cigar box label
(Nail 3x2)



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