common cigar box label

(typical size Inner 6" x  9" - Outer 4" x  4")

'Common' is a term that is often misunderstood, even by experienced collectors.  The general meaning of a 'Common' label refers to the availability and quantity of a particular title.  "The Round-Up" (pictured above) is a great example of a 'Common' label.  Several thousand of these labels were found in an old cigar factory.  This is a wonderful litho of a Western Themed image and was the first image (along w/Red Cloud) that I purchased over 30 years ago to start my collection.

I have heard collectors make statements like, "I don't want that label, it's common."  Just because a label is considered 'Common' shouldn't alter your opinion of what a great image is.  It certainly doesn't mean the label should not be collected or enjoyed for its beauty.  It just means that if you checked with 5 cigar label dealers...all 5 would have that title available.  Of course all 5 dealers may have a "Fellow Citizen" available as well but only 1 not 1,000 as would be the case with "The Round-Up". Some of my favorite labels are considered 'Common' - beauty by any other name...

Side Note:
An earlier version titled
"Round Up" (circa 1915) is harder to come by because the quantity found was much smaller.  The scariest version is referred to as "15 Round Up".  In the late 20's, early 30's, the price of this cigar changed.  The cigar maker probably had a surplus of the early images and just added a 15 stamp to the original litho.  Very few images of this version were found and even fewer without a water stain.



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