Christy Girl inner cigar label

3 piece set includes the Inner, Outer and Seal.

Christy Girl outer cigar box label

I wrote an article about this label.  If your interested, this is an excerpt:
"Christy Girl" - this label was a tribute to the artist Howard Chandler Christy ( 1873-1952). Howard was a world renowned artist and did many portraits of the rich and famous. Among them President Calvin Coolidge, Amelia Earhart and Benito Mussolini. He also painted a large historical scene for the Capitol Building. But the masses knew him as an illustrator for the magazine "Cosmopolitan" (1910). He was the early 1900's Varga (Playboy Magazine Artist). He focused mainly on the emancipated woman. This is one of the few labels with a woman playing golf.  He also did the Lucky Strike cigarette girl in the 20's.