Bleriot inner cigar label

This label has a lot going on...
99.9% of the Inners found were trimmed.
But it certainly doesn't take away from the beauty and art of this image.

I wrote an article about this label.  If your interested, this is an excerpt:

Louis Blériot - French engineer, inventor & pilot (1872-1936) Blériot established the first airplane factory in France in 1906 - 3 years after the Wright brother's success at Kitty Hawk. In 1909 a London newspaper offered a $5,000 prize to the first aviator to successfully fly across the English Channel. Louis developed a 28-horsepower monoplane to attempt the crossing at the narrowest point of the channel, a 24 mile stretch between Calais and Dover. Although Blériot's attempt was successful it was not without a close encounter with death. As he approached the Dover Cliffs his plane was spun around 2 or 3 times by the wind causing his engine to stall. His plane plummeted to the ground but Louis was able to successfully crash land on English soil. Thus becoming the first aviator to cross the English channel and doing it in an incredible time of 40 minutes. The French aviator collected the prize and for the next 4 days his plane was on display in England where over 120,000 people came to see it.