My Awards Page

What a surprise! My first award for Web Designing...I'm stoked.
It is really a great feeling to know that all of the work and many hours
spent putting together this site, is appreciated and recognized.
Thank You Wishing Well!

Wishing Well Award "Congratulations! Your site has won the Wishing Well Web Page Excellence award! It is presented only to those who have created a site that contains enjoyable content, is pleasant to view and is
'family safe'.  Nice job!
You are to be commended for all of your hard work."

More Awards! We are on a roll now...
I am Honored to accept these awards in behalf of all
Web Designer's over the age of 12...

** My Latest Award **
I am especially proud to be honored by 'The Beeline'...
one of the "Top 25 Awards on the Net" and as you can imagine...
a tough award to win...Thank You!

5 Star Web Pix Award "Congratulations! We found your reader-friendly site easy to navigate, attractive, full of great content, and a great service to the Internet community. Thank you for your commitment to Web excellence!"

Mic Miller
"The Beeline"
USA / 5 Star Award

Thank You to all Presenters...

4 Star Platinum Award "It gives me great pleasure to present your web site with the Millennium Design Platinum Award. This site was a real experience for all of our highly recognized awards panel members. Your site is now featured and listed on our
Platinum Hall of Fame page.
Congratulations on a great site."

Bob Taylor
Canada / 4.5 Star Award

Outstanding Creation Award "Your website has given much pleasure to my Evaluation Panel Members and we were impressed with the standard of quality you provided for viewing. We are fully aware that much time and effort goes into the creation of websites and we hope that you view this Award as a reflection of your achievement."

Otakou, New Zealand
One of the Internet's Elite Awards

Aloha Award Your Web site has been reviewed by our staff of webmasters and unlike most of the sites submitted, you are a winner!! All of us agreed that you truly do have a interesting web site with quality content and design.
This is not an easy award to win.

Congratulations and Aloha



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